Vacation Diaries with Asmae Lemniei from The Precious Drop



Where did you go on vacation? 

I spseoulent my last holidays in Seoul, South Korea. Everything about this place is mind-blowing. The people, the culture, the food. Koreans have a sophisticated taste for everything beautiful and gracious. Luxury was everywhere, from fashion to luxurious beauty brands, can’t recommend it enough.





Photo7_Seoul3 photo1_Seoulimaged


imagefWhat is the one item you can never go to the airport without?


My camera. I assume I didn’t forget my passport


What is your personal style when on vacation?

I always travel light, carrying only the essentials. During the day, I usually wear casual clothes and in the evenings I like to top it up a notch when going out.




What are your main travel beauty essentials for every vacation? beauty

My makeup remover, sunscreen, mascara and The Precious Drop organic oil that I use on my face, body and hair. I must confess that I am a nail polish aficionada, so there is always room for as many nail polish colors as my bag can take; from the flashy neon colors to the more classic red:)


Do you have a beauty routine for before, during and after your travels and if so what is it?


Before traveling I like to book myself for an afternoon spa where I generally go for a facial to prepare my skin. I feel it puts me instantly in the vacation mood. During my travel, I keep on taking care of my skin, at night I can’t sleep before applying few drops of my organic cactus oil on my face. I like as well to try new skin treatments and local spas in every new city I visit. When back to Dubai, I go back to my usual beauty routine.

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